Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

Western Digital hard drives are the common choice among users for both in business as well as for personal use. Western Digital hard drives are a type of digital storage device with superior storage capacity. They are handy and well-suited with most of the Mac computers. Western Digital HDD has brilliant ability to back up files from your internal computer drives and have a great data storage capacity. Laptops or notebook users usually use WD HDD.

Western Digital hard disk are solid-state devices as they have no movable parts and comprise efficient mechanism in storing data by using semiconductor devices. Though Western Digital storage devices are very reliable at some point of time, they do crash and data stored in it will become inaccessible. Then to recover Western Digital hard drive data you need to make use of reliable Mac OS X recovery software.

There are certain circumstances in which data loss can occur such as volume header which stores the details of volumes like size of volume, type of file system being used, creation time, start of sector address, etc. If the volume header gets corrupt due to malware effect then the entire data present on it is lost and respective partition is inaccessible. While removing unwanted volume from your Western Digital HDD on Mac OS X if you select the wrong volume while deleting then that volume is deleted and data on it is also erased. If the hard drive file system gets corrupted due to improper shut down due to power cut or if it is infected from some harmful virus, then this leads to severe data loss. If the Apple partition map gets damaged or corrupted by some harmful virus then also there is huge data loss from your Western Digital hard drive on Mac.

All the above-mentioned scenarios lead may to severe data loss. You can take some precautions to avoid data loss by having a complete backup of files. If you fail to take a backup of files then only solution to your problem is to make use of powerful Mac OS X recovery software to restore lost data from Western Digital HDD.

Mac OS X recovery software is specially designed by professionals to recover deleted and lost data from Mac volumes. This recovery software is the best tool available to effectively recover the deleted and lost data from the Western Digital hard drive. This tool comprises of some distinct features, which makes it more reliable to use. It retrieves data from volumes that fail to mount. It recovers data from formatted and re-formatted volumes. It recovers all types of media files and deleted data from emptied trash. It supports binary applications of Intel and PowerPC Mac platforms. However, you can recover lost data from accidentally formatted Macintosh hard drive or from any other removable storage media. For Macintosh users this is the best choice to opt for, so download the free trial version of the software. This software will respond quickly to restores lost data from hard drive as soon as possible. You can check the performance of software by previewing the recovery result. If you are satisfied with the results obtained using demo version, then you can save the previewed result by purchasing the licensed version of this tool.

Follow steps to perform Western Digital hard drive recovery on Mac OS X:

Step1: Download and Install Recover OS X software in your computer. After launching Recover OS X software you will get welcome screen with three different options. Among them click on "RecoverVolumes/Drives" option and then select the option "Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery" or  "Volume Recovery" option to recover Western Digital HDD data.

Recover Emptied Trash - Main Screen

Figure1: Main Screen

Step2: Soon after the selection of the "Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery" or  "Volume Recovery" option, select the drive from which the files are to be recovered. This step will give rise to scanning process.

Recover Emptied Trash -  Select Drive To Recover Files

Figure2: Select Drive To Recover Files

Step3: After scanning process is completed, you can view all the recovered files using "Preview" option. After previewing you can save the recovery session using "Save Recovery Session" option.

Recover Emptied Trash - Preview Recovered Files

Figure3:Preview Recovered Files

Step4: After purchasing the Recover OS X software you need to activate the tool to load the previously scanned and saved information.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users
For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users
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